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Regrow Basil From Cuttings

Since my AeroGarden produces way more  basil than I typically use, I decided I will try to propagate Genovese and Thai basil to plant outside.  I did some research on the internet and it seemed simple enough. As I trimmed back the herbs, I took long stems of the basil as far down from the leaf… Continue reading Regrow Basil From Cuttings


Making the Most of the Time I Have

My mother and I were standing on the front porch looking at her flower garden this past weekend.  She was showing me a solitary marigold that she had picked up from the grocery store and planted.  During our conversation, she mentioned that she regretted only getting one since it was so beautiful.  Without thinking I… Continue reading Making the Most of the Time I Have

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Hanging Soda Bottle Planters

My husband drinks a lot of soda.  I decided to put the empty bottles to good use and make soda bottle hanging planters. What you will need: Empty 2L soda bottle Utility knife Duct tape Scissors Hole punch Twine or rope Something to place at the bottom of the container to prevent the soil from coming… Continue reading Hanging Soda Bottle Planters

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Regrow Green Onions from Scraps

It is easy to regrow green onions in a container from scraps.  Cut and save approximately one inch of the green onion bottoms.  If you can’t plant them right away, simply place the roots in water until you have time.  They will start growing within a few days. Green onions appear to be pretty hardy.… Continue reading Regrow Green Onions from Scraps


Letting Go is Hard To Do

Dave and I love Thai curry.  We tried making it at home several times but it always seemed to be missing a certain something.  Finally one day the chef at our favorite restaurant told us that she adds Kaffir lime leaves to give it that flavor that we desired.  I’m glad she did because the restaurant… Continue reading Letting Go is Hard To Do

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Ants in the Bird Feeder

There are few things more aggravating than having your bird feeders overrun with ants.  Pesky. Annoying. Ants.  I took to the internet to get some ideas on how to prevent ants from getting to my suet and hummingbird feeders. The first things that popped up on my Google search were images commercial ant guards.  There appear to… Continue reading Ants in the Bird Feeder