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An Nyoung Ha Se Yo

Hello.  Thank you.  Some curse word that I have never figured out.  That’s about the extent of Korean my mother taught me.  Twinkie.  Banana.  My husband says I more Caucasian than he is.  Lol.  This year I decided to explore my heritage and attend KFest Houston at Discovery Green.  Was I cultured?  Not really.  But I got to eat some Korean food and be entertained.

The Korean American Society of Houston sponsors an annual Korean Festival during the third Saturday in October.  It was free to the public but event parking ran an average of $10-15 (as high as $25).  If you drive a big truck like me, be sure to choose your parking carefully. Some of those pay lots and parking garages can get pretty tight.

As usual it was a mostly sunny and a million degrees outside.  Well, actually mid 90’s but with the humidity it felt a lot warmer.  A majority of the festival took placed in a open field and I was not one of those bright people who thought to bring an umbrella and too cheap to buy one there.  Something to remember for future events.


KFest started at 11 am and continued to 9 pm.  I went out there around noon and hung around for three hours, eating, watching people, watching shows, and yes, catching Pokemon.

In order to buy food and drinks, you had  to stand in line to buy tickets.  Each ticket cost a $1 and were sold in increments of $5, not refundable to be used like cash at the food vendors.  Each dish/drink cost anywhere from $4-$12.  Then you fight the crowds to the food tents.

Navigating the people to get to the food.

I went hungry so I bought $25 worth of tickets.  My purchased included:

6 tickets:  Bi Bim Bap  (Not the best that I have had., barely any meat and missing the egg over easy)
7 tickets:  Kimchi Rice Bowl with Beef (By far the best dish that I had there)
5 tickets:  Spicy Rice Cake (Meh, I really wanted kimchi fries but there was a wait)

I spent my last 7 tickets on some boba milk tea.  The boba was over cooked and it wasn’t sweet enough.  If you want some really good boba/bubble tea, check out the Boba Bar in Stafford.  They were also serving fusion foods like bulgogi Frito pie and Korean fried chicken and waffles but it just didn’t tempt my palette.

There was a small row of tents dedicated to sales.  Nothing amazing that I had to have.  And if I wasn’t so hot and sweaty, I would have checked out the Hanbok Photobooth and take some pics in traditional Korean dress.  Instead I opt to chill on the green in front of the stage and watched some KRNFX beat boxing, dancing, and other musical acts.

I lasted about three hours before the heat finally beat me into submission.  Would I go again?  Sure.  Although next time I will consider using my paid parking in the Med Center and take the MetroRail to downtown to save on parking; bring a folding chair and umbrella, take my telephoto lens, and eat before I go.

Annyeong.  Dangsin-i da-eum beon chamjo.  (Thank you, Google translate!)


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