Geek Out! · Texas Renaissance Festival

Ein Prosit!

It’s that time of year again!  The 2016 Texas Renaissance Festival started this weekend. The theme?  Oktoberfest. The mission?  Camp, drink, and be merry.  You know, let loose. RenFest occurs every year (October and November) in Todd Mission, TX (about an hour and 15 minutes NNW of Houston).  A stones throw for Houstonians.

It has become a traditional among our social circle to spend the weekend camping and attending RenFest on opening weekend.  We dress up (or not) and make spectacles of ourselves (or not).  Sometimes following the theme of the weekend, sometimes not.  Actually in most cases, not.

I had a complete brain fart this year and requested off the wrong weekend which meant I had to work on Friday.  I rushed home after work to pack and head out to meet the husband and rest of the crew.  Not exactly a relaxing start for the weekend but that’s easy to fix with a little alcohol.

The weather was beautiful.  Sunny with temps in the low 90’s during the day, high 50 to mid 60’s at night.  The hubby and I opted to use our tent instead of hauling the camper out there.   We went as minimalist as possible; tent, air mattress, two chairs, a cooler, costumes, and a small bag of other miscellaneous items.


This year I decided to dress with the theme.  I have a beer wench costume that I picked up a few years ago but it was of course “costume quality”, cheap fabric, mass produced, and way too short/low cut because we all know the trend is for “sexy” or more accurately, “skanky” outfits now days.  No more cheap costumes for me moving forward.  At the last minute, I shopped for and bought a dirndl to wear.  It arrived just in time and luckily fit perfectly.  BTW, I hate shopping for clothes online trying to use sizing charts. They usually never fit the way you want them to.  But I digress.  Dave went with his oh-so-popular Wonder Woman outfit.  I may look for some Lederhosen for him for next year.  Ha, ha.


An unexpected surprise, and highlight of the weekend, was the invitation to be a bridesmaid for a sweet friend. I’m looking forwards to all the future shenanigans!

In years past I have, shall I say, overindulged in liquor before and during the festival.  This year I plan on being able to remember my adventures.  I had a bloody Mary for breakfast then proceeded to drink beer the rest of the day.  Everything went as planned and I was able to remain functional enough to get some pics to share with you.

Group Photo
People watching


Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of rum.
Aye Matey!



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