Eldridge Park · Parks and Recreation · Pokemon Go

Eldridge Park

This is a lovely 43 acre park located at 2511 Eldridge Road, Sugar Land, TX 77478 with plenty of parking.  


2016-08-27 06.59.06-4.JPG

2016-08-27 07.00.10-52016-08-27 07.01.01-6

The majority of the park consists of ten well lit soccer fields, two of which are open play, the remaining are reserved for league play.

There are signs around the park showing this park as a host for the FFPS (Fun, Fair, Positive Soccer) Houston Youth Soccer organization.

The trail that encircles the soccer fields is approximately 0.8 miles with very little shade.  After a summer rain, you can hear all the frogs croaking at each other in the grassy puddles as you walk.

At the entrance of the park is a 5 acre lake with fountain and and 0.4 mile trail.

2016-08-27 07.08.37-11

2016-08-27 06.55.43-1

2016-08-27 07.11.23-13
The lake is stocked with bass, catfish, bluegill, and rainbow trout.  I assume that a license and bag/size limits apply.

2016-08-27 06.57.45-3

To protect the health of the wildlife, patrons of the park are discouraged from feeding the duck.

There is a picnic pavilion, meeting room, restrooms, and playground.

2016-08-28 11.12.29

The pavilion can accommodate 75 guests.  To reserve the facility requires a $130 deposit and costs $17-$22/hour (resident)  or $22-@27/hour (non-resident).  There are several picnic tables and three large grills.  The meeting room can accommodate 65 guests.  I am unable to find any information about reservation costs but interested parties can call the Imperial Park Recreation Center at 281-275-2885 for information.  I have not taken any pictures of the playground yet because it is always in use when I visit and I don’t want to concern any parents with me taking pictures of their children.

Pokemon players will find two gyms and 13 pokestops throughout the park, although more than half of the stops are scattered throughout the soccer fields and are not accessible from the walking trails.  This park also appears to be a Pokemon spawn nest that changes with each migration.

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