Highlands Park · Parks and Recreation · Pokemon Go

Highlands Park

This little park is located at 2018 Colonist Park in Sugar Land, next to the Highlands Elementary School on the corner of Williams Trace and Edgewater.

Highlands Park 11
The park is located just north of the elementary school.

Highlands Park 10


Located on 5 acres, the park hosts a 0.3 mile walking trail (not lit), playground, sand volleyball court, 2 picnic pavilions, 2 horseshoe pits, and Parcourse FitCircuit.  There is also plenty of open field to play frisbee and football, do yoga, or anything else that suits your fancy.

Highlands Park 02

Highlands Park 09

The plethora of trees provides shade over most of the walking trail.  The fitness circuit is rarely used.  Maybe because it’s oppressively hot and humid most of the year even in the shade.

There is a pergola next to the playground for parents to escape the sun while watching their little ones play.

Highlands Park 05

The park recently received a new astronaut installation (Summer 2016).  Even with the sign, I expect that the kiddos will not be able to stop themselves from climbing all over the spaceman.

Highlands Park 07

Two pavilions are available if you and your friends and/or family would like to have a picnic at the park. The large pavilion has 4 picnic tables while the small pavilion has two. Both have permanent grills available.

Highlands Park 08

For Pokemon Go players, the park hosts 5 pokestop and a gym with an additional pokestop at the adjacent school’s entrance and gym at the school’s gazebo.  It’s great place to stock up in balls and such, but don’t expect to catch much without using lures and/or incense.


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