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Regrow Green Onions from Scraps

It is easy to regrow green onions in a container from scraps.  Cut and save approximately one inch of the green onion bottoms.  If you can’t plant them right away, simply place the roots in water until you have time.  They will start growing within a few days.

Green onions appear to be pretty hardy.  I have left store bought green onions in the vegetable crisper for weeks.  Semi-dried out.  Slimey.  Frozen.  It doesn’t seem to matter.  They will grow.

2016-02-23 21.35.22
These have been sitting in a glass for three days.  New growth is already starting.
2016-02-27 08.34.30
Here they are four days later.  I’m about to plant them in a container that I leave on the back patio.  I have been planting green onion bottoms in this pot and harvesting them over the last three months.
2016-02-27 08.34.53
I start by making a hole with my index finger.
2016-02-27 08.35.18
Place the green onion bottom into the hole.
2016-02-27 08.36.05
Cover and water.
2016-02-27 08.36.37
Set aside in a sunny location.

For the most part, I only tend to this pot when I need green onions for cooking or when planting new scraps.  Harvest the green onions as needed by cutting the tops.  Leave the rest to regrow again.

Here they are after two weeks.

2016-03-12 08.08.08

And don’t forget to keep adding more to your pot until you have a mini forest of green onion-y goodness.  Trust me when I say, if I can grow them with ease, so can you!  Happy gardening!

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