Around the House

Mending Fences

This year I plan to experiment with a vertical garden.  I want to start a small one at the back end of the fence line.  But before I start brainstorming ideas on cheap construction and ways to decrease the frequency of watering during the hot Houston summer, I needed to spruce up the neighbor fence.

2016-02-19 20.49.11

As you can see, the wood is pretty aged.  The 4×4’s were still in good shape but the boards were warped and the nails were coming loose. I headed over to the Home Depot and bought 100 pressure treated pine boards (~$1.50 each), two boxes of all purpose construction screws (~$8 each), and a magnetic drive guide (~$5) and got to work.

First thing I learned was not to hold the drill like a gun.  I also quickly learned that placing the top screws would be difficult for me since I’m short and had trouble holding forward pressure on the drill.  My husband stepped in and took care of those for me while I took care of the bottom screws.  Teamwork baby!  For less than $200 and 4.5 hours of labor, we now have a much better view.

2016-02-20 12.12.18

The most interesting part of this endeavor is the requests from my friends for the old wood after I posted on Facebook.  I’m interested in seeing what they make out of it.

Now onto planning my vertical garden.

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